Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Giving yourself permission

Listening to TED talks always inspires me amazingly.
I think more then anything it inspires me to be the best me I can be.
Not for anyone else or not because one "should", just because the people talking passionately about what they are passionate about, makes me feel passionate about, well, just me.
That seems like a weird thought, but in the end it isn´t, is it?!
When we are able to be passionate about ourselves and the things we do, our lives completely change.
It doesn´t matter at all what our lives are about. They still change and always to the better.

I can make an amazingly long list of things I am passionate about. And this changes all the time. While many things remain the same.
And suddenly I think: YES!
Allow yourself to be the best person you can be - for whatever that is worth and for whatever that means.
Give yourself persmission.
And then anything and everything can happen. Independent of what you thought yesterday about what could happen.
This is freedom.

And one more thought:
Random moments and random people happen to us all the time.
Smell the cheese. See the signs.
I still look back to the fateful meeting I was attending, when I first heard that my father was ill and in hospital. He never came home afterwards and passed away 4 months later.
But is it this moment, the call, that I remember?
It is a colleague who I hardly knew, who left the company soon after, who asked me about my stigmata. I had always seen it, but never knew others could.
Since then, every time I am energized, I see it and smile and think of him.
Random people.
Change your life.
Thank you.

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