Freitag, 2. November 2012


I have been thinking for the last couple of weeks about blogging.
Not my own blogging.
As you can tell, I am not much of a blogger.
I get an inspiration and blog away for a couple of days, weeks, maybe months, but years?!
I have been wondering why people decide to blog.
There are the most amazing blogs out there.
And the most senseless.
But most bloggers spend LOADS of time and energy on posting.
And now I ask myself: For what?
What is it exactly that people get out of blogging?
Originally I thought it had so much to do with exhibitionism.
But I am not so sure any more.
I think this is one of the reasons I stopped.
I didn´t actually want to write any more about writing.
If I would (would have) continued, I would have been writing about the "other things".
But I wasn´t sure I actually wanted anyone and/or everyone to see/feel me.
Obviously others do want that.
And very much.
Food for thought.

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